Monday, 19 September 2011

Dalmatian print..?

Wearing animal print is on par of myself slipping into something glittery. Neither happens or will I attempt to change that, until I stumbled across the many outfits worn during LFW by celebrities. See you later Kat Moon and your leopard print of yellow of black, dalmatian print is parading its bold spots with pride. The safest way to wear this has got to be accessories or one statement piece like high waisted shorts or heels, I can’t quite see anyone pulling off a dalmatian dress without looking like a rubbish interpretation of Cruella (dressing up as her must be done with professional effort).

Faux animal print that is quirky and different appeal to me far more than more repetitive and familiar prints. For me it compares to a cocktail on your lunch break. Refreshing and naughty – it sets it apart from the norm and ultimately boring.

Watching the Unique show of S/S 12 online is a great example of what is to come with their gold motif and metallic garments, creating a difficult pattern to mix into your wardrobe. After their show of A/W 11 finally revealing themselves into the stores, it's hard to resist the spots. Looking forward to collaborating the new Tutankuman inspiration into my style but for now it's all about the dog print. So, if anyone refers to any type of wild cat being the new fashionable print, I'll be sure to throw a spotty bangle their way.

Plus I've always preferred dogs...



  1. I dont think i could pull off a dalmation outfit but i love dalmation nails, they look so cute! :) xx

  2. Small accessories could definitely be done! Have you tried doing the nails before? xx