Monday, 12 September 2011

The red jeans

I wish I understood the meaning of being happy with what you have. I know I am blessed with the many things I do have, and own. But whether that's the material girl inside of me calling out, to quote a terrible song, or a fashion fiend, I just seem to enjoy holding a spider diagram (very apt for this month) inside my head with ideas of new clothes to collaborate with my existing wardrobe.

Note these beautiful jeans below. I'd like to run through my thought process right now as I stare at them...

Mmm. They are beautiful. I could wear them with my black ankle boots. Definitely could wear them with my poncho. But does coffee match red? Who cares. I would make it match my mickey mouse t-shirt from when I was nine if I had to. Mmm they are proper delicious. Dress them down or up? I think they deserve both. Urgh, for £75 they deserve to dress themselves. Maybe I should just dip into my overdraft, who needs food and nights out at the pub? Oh wait that is all I am doing at the moment so that definitely would not work. Check eBay for lovely people selling their pair that don't fit them. Horrible people haven't posted any. Who wants Primark jeans off eBay? Are they even allowed to call them jeans with the minimal amount of recognised fabric? Mmm look how pretty and cherry red they are...

You see, I could go on for hours dithering about whether to purchase an outfit or not, 98% of the time I just give in, and roll around in my happiness for a good long week, until I spot something else I must definitely own.

So you see, I think I have successfully explained my method of consumption, and will now continue to do what I do best - resist buying for a couple of weeks, then give to the red devil that is temptation.


  1. This devil has made me spend £150 on clothes in the past two weeks! I am not happy. Well,I am, but my tummy won't be...

  2. This is perfectly ok! What did you get? Looking forward to the next pay check... Although I have just found some replacement jeans on eBay for 10th of the price, more details to follow soon...! x