Saturday, 24 September 2011

End of AllAboutYou...

Today is a sad day. I've had to say goodbye to people who I've worked with for three months. It's pretty much been the job I'd be elated to have after I finish Uni, so it does seem a bit bizarre to do it in the opposite time.

I am now fully fledged in the art of Google SEO. Ok that might be a lie, but I am so much more closer to understanding it and making it work for my ability. It's much more complicated than I thought, but using it everyday has brought me nearer to understanding the little bugger.

I can just tell I'm going to be writing title's, teasers and HTML scripting in my sleep. Next week is going to be shock as my alarm clock normally set for 6.40am is going to be switched off. Not sure how I feel about that, might take some time to get used to it all again. The thought of freshers is scaring my slightly - out most nights with little sleep. I could barely do it the first time two years ago, let alone now after three months of work which has fully trained me to act like the 21 year old I should be. Or is that meant to be the other way round?

But I suppose it is high time that I crack on with the FMP (final major project = end of my life) and get back into a rhythm of exercising. My poor running shoes have been neglected, and working in an environment where cookies and cakes are delivered to my desk without hesitation has been a slight downfall to say the least.

All I can do is hope is that today won't be the last time I walk through the infamous National Magazine Company doors. But for now I need to motivate myself to enter the Uni library, in which I call the 'learning oven'. The lack of air conditioning they have in there is against all human rights.



  1. You never know what's in the future my love! You have such a great history of work experience, which you totally deserve with all your hard work and perseverance. I am not cut out for this going out malarky either, I'd rather stay in with a bottle of wine and cheese haha. Fortunately my new housemates feel the same :) xx

  2. Aww thanks sweetie! Well they definitely love the cheese! Although were not out all the time, went for a lovely tapas last night :-) Hope your enjoying Leeds, when do you start the course? xx