Monday, 23 January 2012

Abandoned homes

As I set out to my first lecture of the last term, with dressing influences from Jeremy Clarkson, I can't help but notice this abandoned house I pass everyday.

I've got my interest in the past, and I'm so incredibly nosey when it comes to houses that is no wonder that I find abandoned houses especially exciting.

I never really understand why houses are just left - alone. You see, down my road in Southampton there is a house directly opposite me which is stuck so far in the past it sticks out like a sore thumb. For one its green painted wooden windows recall a post war trend. The British green most commonly seen upon the MG cars - was once lavishly coated but is now peeling off and revealing the wood beneath.

The dated net curtains are surprisingly holding up well but just signify damp, old and cold. Which I'm sure was never the original intention. Your probably wondering how I know this house is abandoned. I've seen more auctioneers in and out this place than I have actual residents! Plus once the door is open its like an Aladdin's cave of musty Victorian terrace interior.
If you compare it with the house directly to the left - you can easily see the simply renovations which have brought it forward 50 years or more. It's imperative to renovate as quickly as possible, to attract legitimate residents, rather than squatters. Running water and good heating is not normally necessary for squatters - regardless of what the moral panics in the papers lately have been suggesting.

I hope this place is given a little facelift thinking about it. As its charming colours and historic elements should be restored, rather than forcing the windows out to allow ghastly double glazing in. The house must be listed, but who knows. I think that's what I find so interesting about places like this. Who lived there and loved it, but one day had to leave it to let it's green paint crumble. And what will happen to it next.

This post probably epitomises the exact reason why people think I'm a little strange - but I love it nonetheless.



  1. Why haven't you been inside if the door is open?

  2. Because the auctioneers are guiding buyers about! If I ran in I'd think I'd get a few looks! If the door was open with no one in sight, I would dive in...