Friday, 6 January 2012

South Wales

This year, or should I say last year, my friends and I decided that we could not be bothered with the pressure of doing something amazing for New Year, so thought about the plan of just getting away to a log cabin. A whole weekend devoted to eating, drinking and celebrating was a pure delight and rest.

This is in the town of Tenby, near Carmenthen where we stayed. The shops next to this cliff edge looked idyllic - as they were all painted soft pastel colours, neatly built down cobbled streets. I did my fair share of window shopping and copious repetitive impressions of Gavin & Stacey.
Of course, if you listened to the news at all you would of heard that South Wales was quite a badly hit place in the New Year storms - although it didn't actually feel like it was that bad. Especially after seeing this rainbow pop up after a shower of rain.

When we were walking along Carmenthen beach to a rock pool area, one of my friends saw this little seal pup plodding around the stones and we couldn't believe our luck. A wild baby seal! What a treat! After a while he played up to the cameras by rolling around in the sand, using his flippers to be all coy.

It was a sweet little getaway that helped me relax - but also brought out my competitive side! We played a lot of board games, one of which was 'the Logo game'. For those of you who don't know what it is. You NEED it. It's on-par with the success of Articulate.

I was surprised by how much information I have stored about brands in my mind, even stuff I thought I didn't care about. The fact I managed to guess how much peanut butter is eaten every day (300 million) remains a mystery. I felt like Rachel and Monica in that episode when they answer Ross's questions, which they famously betted their flat on against Chandler and Joey. " He's a... TRANSPONSTER"... ''That's not even a word!" - Like them I just kept shouting random things!

But now it's a New Year, I've decided to conjure up some new goals that I hope to achieve:
  • Get a job. A real one.
  • Graduate. Obviously.
  • Save money. Properly.
  • Purchase a new work-wardrobe. Sell the huge amount of unwanted stuff.
  • Force myself to enjoy some sort of exercise.
  • Finally get rid of my useless Blackberry. Hello iPhone.
  • Go on holiday!
I think that's about it?


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