Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Meet Elsie

Could not believe my luck at the weekend. Just casually looking around the January sales, aimlessly following Mother around House of Fraser when I got sidetracked by the beaming beauty of this Chloe bag. But wait what is that tag hanging off of it? It had a big fat 'HALF PRICE' sign all over it!

As I came closer, the lovely saturday-working girl gushed about how pretty it was and the low price. And I blame her entirely for convincing me this would be a good purchase. The 'Elsie' style was £700 down to £250. How could I possibly say no?

So after a lot of twiddling with my student bank card - I decided any designer bag is an investment and nodded. I now am completely in love and can't wait to start wearing it properly and teaming it with the many work outfits I come to arrange together in a few months time.

I can't resist a bargain, and especially a designer one at that.


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