Monday, 9 January 2012

Saying goodbye

I'm only a few months away from finishing university - forever. In those three years I have gone from being 19 and clueless to (nearly) 22 and eager. My course has even been altered half way through and changed to suit the rapidly growing market of social commerce and networking.

Charlie Burgess was our guest speaker today. I like to call him the 'Top Dog'. He seems to know almost everything about the media from working as a managing editor at the Independent. He now calls himself -quite interestingly - a 'recovering journalist'.

He explained how 'newspapers are dying - yet journalism is not'. This form of news will inevitably vanish, as it fails to create profit and interest thanks to the vast upgrade in technology in which we can all access our desired news. He also noted how 'more people are reading newspapers than ever, just not on paper.' This is especially interesting, as due to access on mobiles, tablets and laptops, we can seek the easiest form of information without physically holding that product.

Although I agree with him in the sense that holding the paper for tactile enjoyment as well as content surprises is limited with online news. I've definitely become accustomed to choosing what information I read online by clicking on my interests, although magazines and newspapers provide that serendipity.

So, as we are waving away to a past media outlet, I also have to say goodbye to somewhere I worked that has recently gone into administration. (Excuse me if I go a bit soppy)

Working for La Senza for the best part of three years was amazing. The girl power pact was something I've never experienced before - or I will probably be able to again. The tears I had when I left aged 19 were genuine, that's why today it's sad to see my Woking branch close down.

It will never be the same! I even worked at their head office for work experience in PR. But as we've seen, things move with the economic times. I guess there is something from them I will always take with me, and that is the magical power of guessing women's bra sizes (correctly) from a single glance. Superman hasn't got anything on me...


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