Monday, 14 March 2011


Taking a break from all the work I've been doing all evening for my University course, I can't help but daydream and scour the net for job opportunities. Every now and then I picture myself in a few months applying for these jobs and I feel I'm getting a little impatient to start these roles.

Every work experience placement is literally the equivalent to me as being allowed into a sweet shop, but not being able to touch or buy anything. Sometimes I just wish I could grab the metaphoric chocolate bar and shove it in my greedy mouth.

A new placement opportunity is on the horizon, I shall update you with that when it all finalises, but the only hint is that it will let me into the sweet shop of another company, with a vast amount of publications to wait patiently outside to.

Most of the jobs I see online seem really capable and within reach, everything they say is a must, is well within my capabilities, as I do not let their threatening advertisement unsettle me. If there is one thing I've learn't through all the placements, is that nothing is as scary as you think, and everything you are nervous about doing, always ends up being a right laugh.

This is the end of my late night/morning rant, I blame it on the diet I've inflicted upon myself.


  1. I'm trying to diet too as I will be in Mexico in 5 days, but shamefully failing as I type this with a Reese's peanut butter egg in my mouth! I totally agree with the fear of placements-kinda-thing. I just met one of my greatest heroes and was scared to meet him but he's an absolute legend! (I will update you soon! It was a dream!) I've recently realised I'm probably most scared of the unknown. Xxx

  2. Oo that's good to know! Yeh I want to change myself in time for Summer, as I'm feeling really uncomfortable! Wow I look forward to reading that! Exactly, the unknown, that normally turns out really positive! x