Monday, 7 March 2011

Birthday Dresses

I struggled to find the right birthday dress for the big 21, I thought it had to be really outgoing, bright and be out of my comfort zone, and I realised that was the exact problem that I wasn't choosing what I liked, suited and felt most confident in.

This is why I stuck to classic colours with the champagne lace dress for the meal out at PennyHill Park, and a black and white number for the party at BedBar. Here's the dresses to see how they looked on the night. Now to look for dresses to wear to other friends celebrations!


  1. Two very elegant and sophisticated choices my love. You looked fabulous on both occasions! xx

  2. SO classic and lovely! In the US, 21 is the legal drinking birthday, so people get really sloppy. It's nice to see that you were prim and fabulous!

  3. Both gorgeous! :) XxX