Thursday, 17 March 2011

Blue dress

It seems lately I've been purchasing too many things, but this is a pretty normal reaction for me when the sun comes out, I feel the need to update my wardrobe as quick as possible. So after some new shorts, brogues and satchel, it was only natural that I should have a spring dress to see me through! This dress was £12.99 from H&M and instead of walking into the store I got my personal dresser to pass it on to me. Nah, I wish, this was actually one of my friends Alice's choices for her photoshoot for the magazine she's producing and once I put it on I refused to give it back, so she had to agree.

I remember her saying "You can have it because when I put it on it seems way too short which is silly because you have longer legs", No, I don't really get how I felt differently wearing it, or maybe I'm just used to this length!

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