Sunday, 13 March 2011

New Shoes

After the much hated search for my winter boots, I was dreading searching for my spring shoes, seeing as I fluctuate so much in different shops, and being a size 6 or 7, some shoes just look ridiculous compared to if worn in a size 4.

But then came my birthday, and with it some birthday vouchers, so I took myself to the nearest Topshop, in hope to find some brown or tan brogues.

It was my lucky day, as the last pair, and cheapest price were glistening on the hanger in a size 6. I grabbed them and quickly paid, and they fit so nicely too, just tight and comfy in the right places.

So I just had to share these beauties with you, although I'm going to have to be careful when to take them out, as the suede material will become a bit disastrous in the rain!


  1. These are gorgeous, Anna bought a pair the other day! X

  2. Oh really? Definitely a must have! x